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India offers such variety in terms of geographical terrains, climates, culture etc. that very few other countries in this world can compete with it. India has huge snowy mountains, fast rivers, rocky lands, deserts, clear lagoons, coral reefs, deep valleys, wide open seas and everything that an adventurist can ask for. Thus any adventure seeker from anywhere in this world can enjoy a wide variety adventure sports in India.

Adventure seekers who like some extra adrenalin boost can also participate in various adventure sports in addition to the given itinerary during any of the trips. We provide you a variety of adventure sports options like River Rafting or White Water Rafting, Paragliding, Camping, Rapelling, Valley Crossing or River Crossing using Zip-line, Flying Fox, Horse Riding, Glacier Watch, Astro Observation or Star Gazing etc. Below you will find more details about these. You can opt for any of these adventure sports at an additional cost. Please note that these sports are subject to availbility during a particular tour. So, feel the trill while you ride.

Our Adventure Sports offers

River Rafting,White Water Rafting
River Rafting or White Water Rafting

River rafting or white water rafting is an adventure sport which involves a group of people travelling in a raft down a rocky high speed river. If you like to challenge nature as much as you like to cherish its beauty, then this is the sport for you. There are increasing degrees of rough water, measured in grades, which are considered reasonable for river rafting. Higher the grade number, higher the roughness of the course. Different rivers and different locations in India offer different grades of river rafting. With numerous rivers flowing through wide range of mountainous and hilly terrains, rafting in India can be a memory to cherish for.


Paragliding can give you the feel of flying through air like a bird. Paragliding is safe and easy and considered to be the sport for the initial adventurist. Paragliding in India is typically performed using a light-weight, foot-launched aircraft that has no rigid structure. This sport requires very less training and can be enjoyed by people of all age group. The best part about it is that the control lies completely in the hands of the individual flying the glider. He can stop the take-off at any moment he wants to and thus the sport gives you total freedom.

Astro observation,Star gazing
Astro Observation or Star Gazing

Who doesn't like to be surrounded by stars! Well literally! If you look up at the sky on a clear night when everything else is dark around, you will never fail to get mesmerized by the amazing view you see. Whether you just sit staring at those tiny glittering stars, or find patterns and contellations among them or even try to identify those planets, stars and galaxies among them, you will never forget this star gazing experience.

Glacier watch
Glacier Watch

Glaciers come in varied forms and it is beautiful to watch and explore them. You can opt to trek to some nearby glaciers and soak yourself in the surrounding beauty. The trek to the glacier can be of varied diffculty level. Mostly it is kept simple so that anyone can enjoy it. If you like to challenge yourself you can opt to choose more diffucult or long routes.


Camping involves overnight stays in temporary shelters such as a tent, a caravan, a motorhome, etc. You have the option of staying in camps for your overnight stops at certain places during the tour. You can also choose to camp while taking part in various other adventure activites for a few days during the tour.


Trekking gives you the oppurtunity to be one with nature and admire the surrounding flora and fauna from a close range. It is one of the most amazing thing to do if you want to experience nature to the fullest. Trekking can be of varrying difficulty ranges. Easiest are the simple day treks to a nearby glacier, temple or monastery which can be enjoyed by anyone. More challenging ones can involve many days trek through difficult terrains, high mountains, frozen rivers, crossing glaciers, dense forest, up and down steep slopes etc. You can choose your difficulty level and enjoy your walk.

Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking(Cycling)

Mountain biking involves going through the mountain on a bicycle. The ride can be either on tarred or untarred roads or even along areas with no roads. This activity can be of different difficulty levels and you can choose the road you are most comfortable with. Bicycles are available locally on rental basis for this activity.

Horse riding
Horse Riding

Horse riding is an activity that involves riding on a horse for some duration. At some places horse riding can be used as a means of transportation to take people from one place to another. At other places horse riding is a separate safari of some duration where you enjoy nature on the back of a horse. Well-bred horses are trained with utmost care for this activity so that they do cause any harm to the riders.

Valley crossing,Zip-line,Flying Fox
Valley Crossing or Zip-line or Flying Fox

Valley crossing involves crossing a deep valley with the help of a zip line. This activity is known by different names in different countries like 'Zip-line', 'Flying fox', 'Tyrolean Crossing' etc. It is achieved by extending a cable or rope across two points at different levels. A person can now use a pulley attached to this cable to slide down across the line by help of gravity. This activity gives you an amazing feeling of flying across the valley.

River crossing
River Crossing

River crossing is also a zip-line activity where a person can cross a fast flowing river with the help of a zip line. In this the two end of the rope are at the same height, so you have to use your hands to full yourself along the zip line. Mostly the rope will be hung at a low level to give you the adventure of touching the river while crossing.


Rapelling involves going down a steep slope or rock face or past an overhang using a rope. Another variation is the waterfall rapelling where you go down through a light waterfall. It is executed using a double rope secured above and placed around the body, usually under the left thigh and over the right shoulder, held at different places by hand and released gradually during the descent. One needs to be in total control of their movements while descending. If the steepness of the cliffs face is high, you may even slide down with the help of the rope.

Burma Bridge
Burma Bridge

The Burma bridge is an adventure activity that involves walking across a single rope by holding on to two other ropes to keep your balance. It can be either stretched across two high points or across a river.