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Deccan Motorcycle Trips in India

Re-Discover Yourself in Goa and Deccan

The southern pensular part of India mainly consists of a large plateau, the Deccan Plateau. It is a triangular highland bordered by the western ghats, the eastern ghats and the Satpura-Vindhya ranges. Large areas of the northern and western part of the plateau was formed due to lava flow during ancient times and are known as Deccan Traps. The climate here varies from hot and semi-arid in the north to tropical towards the south. Rain falls primarily in the monsoon from June to October. The rest of the year is generally dry with temperatures during April-May exceeding 40℃ in some places.

During the dry season, the landscape around here mostly wears a dry, rugged look with mostly dried up rivers. Come monsoon, and the region transforms into lush green beauty with grey-white clouds floating through the hill dotted with numerous streams and falls. Rain water fills up the rivers, lakes and waterfalls and brings about new life into the environment. The rivers Godavari, Krishna and Cauvery and its tributaries are the main rivers in this region. The ancient igneous rocks of the plateau erroded by these rivers and winds for many years have formed the many interesting land forms here that are a treat to the eyes. The landscape here is ideal for engaging in various adventure sports like white water rafting, waterfall rappelling, paragliding, valley crossing, trekking, rock climbing etc.

The deccan region also has a glorious history of some of the greatest empires. The majestic forts, palaces and temples built by these great dynasties, even though some of them are in ruins, gives you the magical feel of being transported into their era.

The long coastline of this southern part of India too has many attractions. Its a treat to drive along the coastal road passing through numerous tunnels. The backwaters of Kerala with floating houseboats is a breath taking sight at dawn. It is always fun to visit one of the numerous beaches along the coast. Goa, situated on the western coast, is well-known for being the perfect destination for fun, relaxation, adventure and fresh sea food cusines.

Guided Trips in Deccan India

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