spiti valley, himachal

Himachal Motorcycle Trips in India

Discover the Diverse Terrains of Himachal

Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful Indian state in the laps of the Himalayas. In Hindi it literally means 'dressed in snow'. In winter this state is definitely covered in snow and is a paradise for lovers of winter sports like skiing and ice-skating. But in summer, the true topographic diversity of this state comes to life. The lower hills of the south are covered with dense green forests of mostly deodar, cultivated farms and apple orchards. But as you go towards the north the height of the mountains rises and as you cross the high snowy passes, you reach the middle land, the spiti valley, a cold trans-himalayan desert land. Numerous snow-covered peaks, gushing mountain rivers, glaciers and pristine lakes adds to its breathtaking natural beauty. No wonder this state is popular for adventure activities like trekking, paragliding, mountain climbing, river rafting etc. As you ride through the clouds floating along the long winding roads you will realize why this land is called 'Devbhumi' - God's country.

Many big rivers like the Satluj, Beas, Chandra Bhaga or Chenab, Ravi, Baspa, Spiti and their numerous tributeries cuts through the high himalyan mountains of Himachal. These forms many scenic valleys each with its own unique beauty. Chamba Valley, Kangra Valley, Kullu Valley, Baspa or Sangla Valley, Banjar Valley, Pangi Valley, Kinnaur Valley, Lahaul and Spiti Valley, Solang Valley are to name just a few of them.

The strong influence of Tibetan culture on Himachal Pradesh is visible in its many Buddhist monasteries, Tibetan New Year celebrations and other architectural and ways of life. There are many scenic locations and mountains towns here. Camp or stay in homestays to experience the land and culture of the place more closely.

Instant Karma Trips in Himachal

pin valley, spiti
Spiti Expedition
Route: Chandigarh, Kotgarh, Sarahan, Nako, Tabo, Kaza, Chandrataal, Manali, Chandigarh
Duration: 10D/9N
Total Distance: 1,270 km
Skill Level : High
Chhitkul - The last village
Route: Chandigarh, Kotgarh, Sarahan, Chhitkul, Sangla, Narkand, Chandigarh
Duration: 6D/5N
Total Distance: 771 km
Skill Level : Medium
spiti valley, chitkul
Spiti-Kinnaur Expedition - The forbidden land
Route: Shimla, Naggar, Bashisht, Chandratal, Kaza, Nako, Kalpa, Chhitkul, Kotgarh, Shimla
Duration: 12D/11N
Total Distance: 1,400 km
Skill Level : High
sach pass, chamba
Sach Pass - Mighty Chamba
Route: Dharamshala, Barot, Naggar, Bahsisht, Keylong, Killar, Khajjiar, Dharamshala
Duration: 8D/7N
Total Distance: 870 km
Skill Level : High
jalori pass, banjar valley
Road Less Travelled - Banjar Base
Route: Shimla, Kamrunag Dev, Gushaini, Shoja, Shimla
Duration: 5D/4N
Total Distance: 500 km
Skill Level : Medium
chansal pass
Chansal Pass
Route: Shimla, Kotgarh, Chansal Pass, Tiuni, Chopal, Shimla
Duration: 6D/5N
Total Distance: 440 km
Skill Level : Medium
spiti and ladakh
Spiti Ladakh Adventure - The Ultimate Journey
Route: Chandigarh, Kotgarh, Nako, Tabo, Kaza, Chandrataal, Sarchu, Leh, Nubra valley, Pangong, Leh, Sarchu, Manali, Chandigarh
Duration: 15D/14N
Total Distance: 1,500 km
Skill Level : Very High/Proffesional

Extreme Weather Expeditions in Himachal

These trips are undertaken only in winter after there is snowfall. The thrill of these trips are in its unpredictability and extreme chilly weather conditions. Parts of routes can be closed in case of heavy snowfall. In such cases we will try alternative routes. But you should understand that, in case weather is really bad and alternate routes are not available, we might have to return without completing the full route. Even the number of days mentioned here is indicative, as it might vary due to weather and road conditions.

chitkul in winter
Chhitkul-The last village (Winter)
  Route: Chandigarh, Kotgarh, Sarahan, Chhitkul, Sangla, Narkand, Chandigarh
  Duration: 6D/5N
  Total Distance: 771 km
  Skill Level : High
jalori pass, banjar valley in winter
Road Less Travelled-Banjar Base (Winter)
  Route: Shimla, Chindi, Rewalsar, Shoja, Rohru, Shimla
  Duration: 6D/5N
  Total Distance: 543 km
  Skill Level : High